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Details Of Courses And The Cost Of Each

(Available To Members and the General Public)

Healers 2006 Complimentary Therapy Courses

Written by Dr Glennis Rogerson [PhD, ND, HD, HMD, AADP, CertEd]

Any member of Healers2006 who has problems with any aspect of complementary therapy or insurance, setting up their business, general legal questions, or doing the accounts etc can EMAIL US for advice, who will do her best to help.

Continuing Professional Development [CPD’s] is an initiative set up by the government to ensure that practitioners remain fully trained. Many complementary therapists already have CPD’s. The following Complementary Medicine Courses are all suitable for CPD requirements. There is a requirement for H2006 members to have 16 CPD hours each year though attendance at the AGM covers this requirement in full. The courses are also suitable for those of you who are already qualified and insured for any complementary medicine. None of the courses can be used as a certificated qualification to join a new complementary therapy organisation, for that further study might be needed. All courses are fully insurable if a member of H2006, the only possible exception is the Master Herbalist course. No course requires the buying of a Text Book  


Healers2006 is a school for extending your education. All courses are intended to cover the theory of the subject matter only; some practical courses can be arranged however, please ask.

Neither the author of these courses Glennis Rogerson, nor Healers 2006 can be responsible in any way, as to how the information in the courses is used. These courses are intended to enhance your education and to allow you to practice the subject within being a Holistic healer. No theory can ever replace the advice of a Medical Practitioner.

Courses are prepared for Diplomas in the following subjects, all are theory courses but for spiritual healing and aromatherapy, practical courses will be arranged when the theory course has been passed - EMAIL US for details. Prices are listed below the Short Course Outlines; the Longer courses are then listed with their prices. Anyone who is a member of the H2006 is able to complete any lesson by distance learning for a small sum plus an envelope and stamp for each lesson marked. Master Herbalist is a little more expensive because of the practical work involved. Anyone who is a member of Healers2006 is able to learn each subject if attending the authors home. Please EMAIL US to learn of the exact fees payable using the contact button. All courses can be learnt via the Internet or by post.

Anyone may take a single lesson from any course, please EMAIL US about this facility.

Members of Healers 2006 pay very little to learn any subject. The General Public are asked to contact Glennis via the Contact button to learn of the cost. Glennis does not intend to set up a business dealing with educational courses hence the cost is kept to a minimum.  
The following Courses are part of the Chinese Medicine Couse.

I Ching and Feng Shui

This course is in two parts and is intended to provide an introduction to each subject.

I Ching - In this course you will learn what I Ching is and why it is important in Chinese history. You will also learn how you can use I Ching to answer questions posed by your friends.

What is I Ching and its History. The two fundamental principles. The first eight numbers and Trigrams.

How the I Ching is made up and how to use it to give the answers to questions. There follows a point by point list of the eight trigrams and the 64 Hexagrams; also of how these hexagrams are made up.

Feng Shui - This ancient Chinese art enables practitioners to best locate the furniture in their home to best suit the moods of themselves and their families.

What is Feng Shui? The relationships of the five elements. The chi and how it affects the positions of our homes and how to place items in the room so that the person may allow the chi to circulate for each person. Why Feng Shui is important to many people?

There are six lessons in this course.


This is identical to the lesson in the Phytotherapy.

This course if fully insurable if you complete the theory and after that the practical element at the home of the author. If you just complete the theory course then perhaps you may consider either an ITEC course in aromatherapy or a professional course such as the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists. Ask for more information from Glennis [who is fully qualified in aromatherapy]

What is aromatherapy and what are essential oils? The benefits of aromatherapy.

History of aromatherapy. The auras and chakras; the five elements and choosing oils to balance them. How oils are distilled. Carrier oils - the oils that carry the essential oils on to the body. Pharmacological terms that you need to understand.

The next large section explains in full detail all you need to know about 60+ oils.

An explanation of how to work out which oils you need for a specific illness and a 100 page index of the oils to use and the illnesses to use them on.

All in seven lessons combined with some research. Practical lessons are available in Lincolnshire.

Tai Chi - Acupressure - Reflexology - and Shiatsu

A group of subjects that are joined together by the word exercise. These are all theory courses, if you wish to learn the practical element to gain a full diploma which is insurable please EMAIL US.

The Aims and Objectives of the course are simply to provide an introduction to a number of oriental exercises and massage therapies. If you are unsure whether you would like to use any of these therapies or whether to take a professional course, then this brief outline may help you decide. Any of the therapies may be used within your family and friends with the proviso that they are aware that neither you, nor they, are insured. You use any of the course information ‘practically’ at your own discretion. Tai Chi - The course includes a short history of China, and continues with fuller history of Tao, Chi Gong and tai chi. A few postures are given and the connection between the I Ching and Tao is explained.

Acupressure – History of acupressure and what it is compared with acupuncture. How acupressure works. Includes pictures of many of the acupressure points that are safe for a novice to use.

Reflexology - This subject is a very practical one and difficult to teach using paper.

History of reflexology. How the therapy works. Zones of the body. Maps of the hands follow and a picture of the zones. Anatomy of the feet is covered before going on to the maps of the feet for reflexology.

Shiatsu - what Shiatsu is and the ways that practitioners of Shiatsu look at the body, as it is Japanese and not Chinese. A full basic sequence is offered to use with a friend or relation. This is followed by a short description of TuiNa and Chinese massage; both are oriental forms of massage using the meridians. This is followed by descriptions of Qigong and Qi and an explanation of the benefits these forms of treatment provide. A Glossary is at the end of these lessons to provide support for your studies. There are six lessons in this short course.

Western and Eastern Diet

This course includes a look at both the western and eastern diet and ways of cooking. It also includes knowledge of all the Vitamins, Minerals and Amino acids with full details about each. In short a basic nutrition course that would be useful for anyone. A brief look at how the Chinese organise their diets. The Four Phases and eating and the foods of the five tastes and how to apply them to the human diet.

A long list of foods that are useful in the human diet follows, from both east and west and what they are useful for.

Herbs and the five flavours of eastern cooking, a full description is given of each and their uses. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids…a description of why we need the substance, the diseases that are caused from a shortage and where it can be found. There are ten lessons in the course.

Chinese and Western Astrology

When you have completed this course you will understand Chinese and Western astrology and the symbols used in both parts of the world. You will not be able to write an astrological horoscope. You should be able to read one and by using software [not provided] create and understand what you have developed.

The course begins with a short history of Chinese Astrology. The connections between the elements, one animal and another and also the differences between them. You are led to find your animal and also your companion and kua number.

The Western part. An introduction and short history of the zodiac and what each symbol means to those who were born under ‘it’. A short section on finding your astrological sign. A map of the constellations for you to look for in the night sky.

There are five lessons in this course.

Spiritual Healing

Anyone needing the course on tape can EMAIL US

This is a Wholistic Spiritual Healing course. For the practical parts workshops will be arranged and an assessment made of what you have learnt before you can become a Full Wholistic healer. It does not matter where you live, arrangements can be made for the practical course if necessary.

Each lesson is self-contained and lessons can be taken singly.

Introduction to Healing

Tao and Eastern religions

Religion Today

Energies and Meridians

Auras and Chakras


Anatomy 2

History of Healing

Protection of Self and Meditation




Listening Skills

Different types of therapies

Self-Awareness, and Responsibility, Power of Negative thinking, and Emotional Balance, and Imbalance

Healing, and the Law, and the Code of Conduct of HH

Setting up a healing centre, Simple Accounts and Emergencies

Keeping Records, Final Examination of Theory.

Lessons may be taken in any order but to gain the best advantage it is preferable to complete numbers 8, 9, 10 and 11 in the order given.

All lessons must be completed to be able to take the final examination. This will be taken in your own home and you will be asked to sign that you have received no outside help from anyone to complete the papers.