HEALING HANDS is our common name. Under the guise of Healers 2006.
The title Healers 2006 was chosen as our public name. We use our Healing Hands to bring Healing to those in need as depicted on Our Badge. 
HEALERS 2006 is a National organisation. We began in March 2006 hence our very original name. Anyone is able to join us no matter where they live as the theory work can be completed on line, by post or face to face. We are proud to have Trainers in many parts of the UK. Our Secretary takes care of those on the Distant Learning Programme, costs are kept small to enable anyone to benefit from belonging to us. 
Many members are Complementary Therapists who share their knowledge in Workshops and Courses together. The Sharing of knowledge can only lead to Whole-istic Healing for all. The Secretary of Healers 2006 shares her knowledge about Healing, Phytotherapy, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture [non-needles], Acupressure, Nutrition, Biomechanics, Tai chi, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. [See the Short and Long Course section] 
The courses that are found on this site are open to all whether members of our organisation or not and it does not matter where you live. The Healing Course can either be completed by Distance learning or it can be Class based. If anyone knows of any Blind people who would like to learn any of the courses offered, Glennis will willingly put them on tape for them. The Healing Course includes practical sessions that could be completed on Skype for anyone not living in the United Kingdom. Obviously we would like to think that having completed our course that you will become a member of Healers 2006. Please EMAIL US for an application form. This can be sent by email or by snail mail. See other pages on this site for full details and costs. 
Our Wholistic Healing Trainers are very experienced people who have many years of teaching experience. 
Our Group welcomes those who are handicapped or disabled in any way. 
Our current membership includes members from all branches of complementary and alternative medicine. We all work together, sharing our gifts and talents and use them for the good of mankind. 
From experience comes learning! From sharing we learn from another's experiences. 
Our philosophy, asks each member to: 
Love our neighbours as we love ourselves 
Encourage love, peace, and understanding 
Seek truth and knowledge 
Offer service to the community 
Lead others by example and work willingly to fulfil these aims 
Remember that peace begins with each of us in our own neighbourhood. 
Hence our Motto: "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me."