Our Mission Statement
HEALING HANDS is our common name. Under the guise of Healers 2006.
Healers 2006 is an organisation that promotes the relief of sickness by using a holistic approach to the problems of health, illness and disease. At Healers 2006 we know that each person is able to live their lives as they wish, so long as it does not cause problems to anyone else. We therefore have a freedom that is often the very cause of illness as we push the boundaries of health, perhaps by work, leisure activities, our environment or our families and friends. All of these can disturb our mental, emotional, physical or/and spiritual levels. The members resolve to encourage a holistic approach to health and thus aim for a person or animal to become healed. All of our members are fully insured, many are practising complementary therapists.

An Explanation of ‘Wholistic’ Healing approaches all parts of the individual, not just the physical aspect of a person where physical illnesses are often most apparent. Although it may well be the physical component of a person that people easily recognise when problems occur, as the problems may be seen easily. Pain, sweating, spots and so on are signals of the physical body that conventional medicine tries to find a cure by discovering the cause of the ill health. Holistic medicine looks at the whole person. Holistic comes from this word ‘whole’. When a holistic treatment is sought no aspect of a person is overlooked, the whole person has many levels and at its simplest includes the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. At depth the person is seen as levels of colours of the auras and the chakras as well as the spiritual, physical, environmental and emotional levels. The Holistic Healer analyses the "whole person" in order to make his or her complete assessment and in so doing uses all the information gathered before offering treatments to the client. Wholistic therapy often includes mind-body medicine, aromatherapy, reflexology or any other therapy practiced by a qualified therapist.

Wholistic Healing means to heal the whole person. Wholistic Healing is complementary to conventional treatment. It is the healing of the whole person by means of prayer, meditation and the laying-on-of-hands. The Laying-on-of-hands or holistic healing has been available since the beginning of recorded history. This healing can be accomplished by contact with the patient or by means of Absent, Remote or Distant Healing. The Healer attunes him/herself as a channel for higher energy; some healers feel that this power comes from Jesus, God, the all-mighty, the Universe which activates the self-healing power of the patient at all the levels needed for the healing of the whole person.

Healers 2006 is a membership organisation that invites healers, from all who practice the ministry of healing in whatever guise, to join us in order to bring peace to a person. The purpose of Healers 2006 is to be a modern united group of healers, most of whom are complementary therapists, but all share a longing to bring peace and healing to an individual. It is by mutual understanding and closer co-operation that the scope of their services may be widened and also accepted by the public, as a means of becoming well ‘wholistically’ without any drugs, though drugs do play their part in medicine. Healers 2006 thus use their healing hands to bring about this Wholistic Healing, using the power of Our Lord, Father God, Jesus Christ, the Universal Power or indeed whatever name you wish to use. The name is not important in itself. This power is given to all who choose to use it, to ensure that healers are bona fide the healer training normally takes two years and encompasses many different aspects of healing. All those learning within Healers 2006 follow the Course set out on this web site. Members may learn via a Distance Learning Course or by attending a Trainers Group.